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Holy Family Home For The Elderly

Holy Family Home


This home started in 1982 with the untiring effort of the congregation of the little sisters of the poor whose main responsibility is the care for the elderly. The onerous responsibility and sacrifice of mother Mary who is a member of this congregation and pioneer sister in charge if greatly acknowledged. Since inception over 30years age, we had over 200 residents of various categories.
Amongst our residents were those abandoned by families, those with irreconcilable and intractable family problems, those brought in by families for professional care and others picked up around the town. Presently, we have 13 residents made up of 2 men and 11 women. We also visit those that live within their own homes but are house bounds as part of our work.
Importantly, the EHJ took over the home in December 1985 and there have been various religious sisters that have been in charge over these periods. I have been in and out as the head of the home, but I have been posted for over the past5 years now to see through the progress and make these elders.


Within the traditional African setting, elders are of prime and focal position in the society. They are a reservoir of wisdom and knowledge, guardian of values and traditions. The elders in our home had over their active life acquired knowledge and spent their time and energy for the good of all of us and our Nigeria of today. In their old age, they deserve to be supported and they should enjoy a little in the twilight of their life in basic happiness and relative comfort.

The reality however, is that in their old age, many of them encounter various challenges, some are abandoned by their families who themselves have grave economic and social problems of their own, some of the aged stray out and get to irreconcilable difference with family members as mentioned earlier. But we cannot abandon any of them.
God love a cheerful giver

Kindly help the home with any of the following priority items that are urgently needed:

  • A new set of settee for sitting room
  • 14/16 Seater Toyota bus (1)
  • Curtains & Automatic Airfreshner

Others are:

  • Food stuff(Yam, Garri, Beans, Rice & Semovita)
  • Vegetable oil/ palm oil
  • Indomie-noodles, spaghetti, tin tomato& maggi
  • Provision (Milo, tea, sugar, bournvita, custard & cornflake)
  • Washing soap & omo
  • Vaseline, Robb
  • Tooth paste (All types) and toothbrushes
  • Tissues paper, pampers & powder
  • Disfectant (Izal, dettol etc.)
  • Insecticides/ detergent & snipper
  • Mops , washing brush& bucket
  • Pressing iron (2)
  • Drinking water

For any assistance or contribution towards the continual growth of our work. You can reach the co-ordinator on 08023314762, or  kindly do it through our account details below:

Account Name : Holy Family Home For The Elderly.
Bank:  Union  Bank PLC Mushin Branch.
Account Number: 0006772353.
Thank you in advance. “Givers never lack”
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Mother A. Adebowale


Our primary work is to ensure that these venerable parents receive and enjoy the best of love and care that could be offered from the moment they step into our Home till they die. We feed, care, socialize, medicate, etc. these elders.
The staff and myself do these with the support of many benefactors who provide various items of needs- foods clothing, etc and we are very grateful.
Our major donors are catholic institutions or parishes, schools and also organizations that include Indian cultural association.
Our major need right is 18-seater Bus to convey these senior citizens for medical check-up, sight –seeing and other activities that take them out.
We are also in need of foodstuff, disinfectant, electrical equipment like iron, television and other small household utensils.
We shall be eternally grateful to you if you can help us.
Yours faithfully,
Sis. Anthonia Adebowale

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